Feeling Whimsical

I’m at the moment in a crocheters life when one project is finished and there are so many choices available, so many wonderful creations waiting to be created. Looking on the Internet, social media and craft books is making my fingers itch, ticking my brain along and straying my eyes toward my stash corner.
My delightful wife, who can’t let go of any of her creations, would love a huge granny square coat, and I’ve seen one on a blog, I just need to figure out all the squares and patterns and placements, I think I mentioned it in a previous blog. Keep your eyes checking my blog for pictures as I go along.


Delayed Wedding Gift

Well, the much anticipated wedding was yesterday, and I’m disappointed that I never finished the gift in time. It is however still high on my WIP list and will be finished soon, packaged well and sent to their new home. I suppose, in a way, it was good that I didn’t finish it because the train journey from Blackpool in Lancashire to Beeston in Nottinghamshire was quite horrendous.
Our first leg of the journey was a two minute walk from home to the tram, not an ordeal you would think but the tram runs along the front and at 6:30am it’s very wet and windy, and if the sea is out the wind blows sand onto the front so it’s like being sandblasted.
The tram took us to Blackpool North for our first train to Manchester Oxford Street, from where we were to catch our second train to Manchester Piccadilly, however there was a points failure and we were at a standstill in Salford in a queue of trains waiting to clear the fault, at this rate we would miss our train from Piccadilly! We got to Oxford Road, our next train would be just as delayed, so we decided to leg it across Manchester City Centre to get to Piccadilly.
Now I need to explain this, my lovely wife wanted to look her best for the wedding, of course, so she was wearing her shiny high heals, despite the fact that she could hardly walk in them. So, for my wife, a barefoot sprint across the city, which at the start she stumbled and hurt her ankle, on a cold and wet November morning, but we made it to Piccadilly in time for our train to Sheffield. This journey was uneventful until we got to Sheffield to find that our third/fourth train to Derby was delayed by 20 minutes, this would cause us to miss our last connection to Beeston! Panic ensued, there was another train that went to Derby but would leave us 1 minute to get across platforms, if it was on time! We decided to wait for our train, and that if we missed our connection we would get the next one to Beeston just to turn up at the end of the wedding, wish the couple our best, and come home.
Our luck was in, we pulled into Derby to find that because so many people on our train needed connecting trains they had held all trains in Derby for a couple of minutes, so we literally set foot on our train as the whistle blew!
We made it to Beeston, walked the mile to the Church, and witnessed a wonderfully sweet wedding of two charming people and good friends who. We’ve missed dearly. God bless John and Pui Hepplewhite, I pray your marriage will be as loving and fulfilling as mine.
On a note, we though we might have been the ones who travelled the furthest for this wedding, however it soon became apparent that Pui’s parents and family had come from China, not only that her friend had come from New Zealand! This was one well attended International Wedding.