imageI love to crotchet, I’m not ashamed to admit it, although I know certain friends would require me to loose a few ‘man cards’ over it. Being a man who crochets leads to some odd looks from people in the wool shop, or when they hear of my oddness, but I simply tell them how manly it actually is, as Reuben from the house of humble puts it;

knitting as all about taking the fleece from a wild animal and using nothing but your bare hands and two sticks to create things for keeping yourself warm. What could be more “manly” than that?

So far I am still in the ‘early learning centre’ of this marvellously productive skill, hence the name of this blog, as it is a phrase you’ll often here muttered, shouted, wailed and cursed around my home at one point or another.

I took up the art of crochet to help my brain recover from a Tumour that was removed about two years ago, it’s been a long road to recovery, for a year or so I was not much use to anyone, but it’s amazing how the brain can fix itself, and learning a new skill helps immensely. Crochet helps me to focus and centre my troubled mind when it starts to fall apart, to control my depression and anxiety and to keep it occupied and busy away from its crazy wandering thoughts.

My wonderful wife taught me, patiently and gently she demonstrated and encouraged, helped me get the basics right, and now I’m flying along as I’m sure you’ll see in this little blog.

I hope you enjoy your time here, perhaps get some good ideas, and even find solicitation and sympathy if you’re a ‘Man who Crochets’ (or even a woman!)

God Bless and Yarn on.


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