Cotton Coaster

Whilst slogging through my ‘manly cardigan’ stitching I decided to take a break and start a quick project to lighten and colour up my crojo (crochet+mojo).
I had a bag of assorted cotton yarn so I worked up four Mandela Coasters of various colours, it was a little hit and miss, the first one I followed the pattern exactly, and it turned out rather nice.

The second one was done whilst watching the television (never a good combination), so contained a few errors.

The third was run up whilst watching a very nice lady demonstrate the art of Egg Decorating at our local YarnIt group meeting, I have to say I was expecting to be watching paint dry, on eggs! But it was more interesting than I thought, hence the multitude of errors on this Mandela!

However, by the fourth and final Mandela coaster, I think I had mastered it, this one was also done with Standing Trebles Stitches when changing colours, and is the best of the four, also the one my wife pinched as ‘her’ tea coaster.

Next post will be my Scrappy Cotton Yarn Centre Mat, God bless!


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