I’m getting to that age now that the idea of wearing T-shirts just doesn’t wash, I need something warmer, to keep the chill of my old bones. So I’ve come to appreciate that paragon of Middle age, the Cardigan! I know right, those tartan slippers are looking so comfy…

So, I’ve decided to crochet myself a nice snugly cardigan, with a zip perhaps, and only one nice colour, no fancy stitching or design, a simple uncomplicated manly cardigan.


I’ve decided to go with Stylecraft Chunky in ‘Meadow’, which is an earthy yet pleasant colour, it reminds me of, well meadows…

I crocheted a cardigan for my lovely other half using the Triple stitch, and it is a little loose and baggy for my liking, she loves it which is good, but I desire something more rugged and combat ready as it were. I’ve decided to go with the Half Treble, this cuts out the bagginess but still has a little give, and a nice texture, I could have gone with Tunisian single stitch and made chain mail, but I want to be comfy.

Keep your eyes peeled, I’ll hopefully draw up a pattern if it works out.


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