Oh I’ve forgotten this WIP

Back in the beginning of my crochet I started an Afghan blanket using the Tunisian crochet method and was excited about my newly learned skill. The plan was to create a huge Afghan in one continuous piece, turning the corners as it grew and changing colour.

Unfortunately I got bored with it, there were so many amazing patterns and yarns out there I wanted to do them all!
Well now I have restarted it, albeit as a Pram Blanket (much smaller) and a WIP to take with me an do in places.
The problem with leaving a WIP for so long, especially this one, is trying to remember how to do it! I stopped on a corner, or half a corner, I had decreased the rows so that I had the 45 degree angle and a nice point, I was to then reproduce the same in the other direction but increasing and joining onto the previous side, but could I remember how to do it! Three frogging episodes later I finally figured it out, and I’m now half way up the last edge, nearly finished. The Motto of this story is, don’t leave your WIPS too long, and write stuff down, even if it seems obvious at the time!



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