Scrappy Cotton Yarn Centre Mat

Having used left over cotton yarn to make four coasters I was at a loss with what to do with the left over cotton yarn from this projects (and several others). No single colour was long enough to use in another coaster, so I tied them all together to make one big ball of multi coloured cotton yarn and crocheted it into a big round centre piece. It’s totally random as the colours were tied together as they came out the scrap bag.

Kinda makes your eyes water. God bless.


Cotton Coaster

Whilst slogging through my ‘manly cardigan’ stitching I decided to take a break and start a quick project to lighten and colour up my crojo (crochet+mojo).
I had a bag of assorted cotton yarn so I worked up four Mandela Coasters of various colours, it was a little hit and miss, the first one I followed the pattern exactly, and it turned out rather nice.

The second one was done whilst watching the television (never a good combination), so contained a few errors.

The third was run up whilst watching a very nice lady demonstrate the art of Egg Decorating at our local YarnIt group meeting, I have to say I was expecting to be watching paint dry, on eggs! But it was more interesting than I thought, hence the multitude of errors on this Mandela!

However, by the fourth and final Mandela coaster, I think I had mastered it, this one was also done with Standing Trebles Stitches when changing colours, and is the best of the four, also the one my wife pinched as ‘her’ tea coaster.

Next post will be my Scrappy Cotton Yarn Centre Mat, God bless!

Christmas Markets, trains, hospitals and plenty of rain.

Today was a planned trip to the hospital, to finally sort out my Sleep Apnoea, and since it was at 12pm we went real early and walked around the Manchester Christmas Market.




The architecture in Manchester is awesome, I always love to walk around the city, causing ‘pavement pile ups’ as I stare upwards and stop randomly to take photos.





We visited a lovely little church called St. Anne’s, right in the middle of the city, every time I’ve been there before it has been closed under renovations, and the work was excellent.






Manly Cardigan

I’m getting to that age now that the idea of wearing T-shirts just doesn’t wash, I need something warmer, to keep the chill of my old bones. So I’ve come to appreciate that paragon of Middle age, the Cardigan! I know right, those tartan slippers are looking so comfy…

So, I’ve decided to crochet myself a nice snugly cardigan, with a zip perhaps, and only one nice colour, no fancy stitching or design, a simple uncomplicated manly cardigan.


I’ve decided to go with Stylecraft Chunky in ‘Meadow’, which is an earthy yet pleasant colour, it reminds me of, well meadows…

I crocheted a cardigan for my lovely other half using the Triple stitch, and it is a little loose and baggy for my liking, she loves it which is good, but I desire something more rugged and combat ready as it were. I’ve decided to go with the Half Treble, this cuts out the bagginess but still has a little give, and a nice texture, I could have gone with Tunisian single stitch and made chain mail, but I want to be comfy.

Keep your eyes peeled, I’ll hopefully draw up a pattern if it works out.

Afghan Coat Design

I have seen a number of coats that have been crocheted, some with Granny Squares, others with a combination of both Granny Squares and Afghan Designs, and I’m leaning towards the latter. The design I have in mind is for something that comes down to the knees and is nice and colourful.
One square I have in mind is a wonky square;

It’s about 14cm in diameter, I’ve edged it in pink as that may be the base colour, if all the squares are edged in the same colour it will make the sewing in disappear.

The large square I intend to put on the back panel is still in the drawing stage (not mine).


I also like a couple of these, perhaps on the front,


It’s still swirling around in my mind, may change, we’ll see, keep checking!

Feeling Whimsical

I’m at the moment in a crocheters life when one project is finished and there are so many choices available, so many wonderful creations waiting to be created. Looking on the Internet, social media and craft books is making my fingers itch, ticking my brain along and straying my eyes toward my stash corner.
My delightful wife, who can’t let go of any of her creations, would love a huge granny square coat, and I’ve seen one on a blog, I just need to figure out all the squares and patterns and placements, I think I mentioned it in a previous blog. Keep your eyes checking my blog for pictures as I go along.

Crochet Marathon

Yesterday was a marathon day of 12 hours of crocheting, with regular breaks for social media and tea. The giant wedding gift Afghan is finally finished, I have called it the October Afghan because that’s how long it took me to complete it, most of October, and a tiny bit of November.
It’s ready and waiting to be posted, all neatly folded in an organza bag, looking like the wedding gift it is. I really hope and pray that my friends like it, that they use it and get many many years of use out of it.