Pleasure or Pain!

I have now been working on a giant afghan bedspread for nearly two weeks, and the wedding for which it’s intended as a present is on this coming Monday! I have thirty rows left to do, THIRTY, and it’s Friday. That’s 15 rows in the next two days, including the edging, you wouldn’t think it much to do until you realise it’s 7ft wide. Oh well, on with the hooking…


Christmas Wreath

I wish that I could claim some credit for this amazing wreath, but I can’t, it’s all the work of my loving wife. It’s only taken her two days to complete it, she couldn’t stop, and she enjoyed doing it so much she wants to make another!



Does anyone else have a small helping hand that really isn’t as much help as they make out? Mine have a fetish for wool, furry things and odd places to sleep, and also enjoys a play fight which he usually starts. Oh, and he’s a cat, and his name is Ozzymandious King of the Sea! In this shot we stopped mid fight for a photo opportunity.


We have another cat, the twin brother of Ozzymandious, called Utred Lord of Bebbenburgh, everyone calls him Tiggy though. Here he is, in a sandwich box!


Our third feline is definitely the Queen of the house, she even orders us humans around with her extensive range of expressive miaows, snarls and hisses! This is Jasminda Queen of all Kandahar, wearing a hat.


Seriously Chunky




A seriously chunky poncho and hat made from Sirdar super chunky with a 12mm hook. I originally made the neck piece too large, underestimating the stretch and weight of the yarn, four rows of double stitch however sorted it out and left a nice edging around the neck.
The hat was done as one piece with a row of Backpost, V stitch and double stitch as one flat piece, then sewn together, pinched and sewn at the top to close and turned back in the right way.

Monstrous Bedspread



This bedspread Afghan is 7ft wide and is intended to be a wedding present for a good friend, although I have to get it to 7ft long before the wedding! It’s made up of three rows of stormy sky grey, two rows of a deep pink and the rest a lovely cream Aaron yarn. The basic stitch is the granny stripe, three trebles in each space.

The bedspread is getting bigger, it’s about half way now and making my arms ache!